Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pizza Feed a success!

The pizza feed was a big hit, thanks to all who supported it!  We spent class time last week talking about ways that we can improve our store, and what products that we want to add, and the importance of good customer service! We also introduced the kids to the class spreadsheets and how they work.  Next week we will discuss the results of our pizza project, and start to look over our data from the last few weeks and make some important business decisions about the direction of our store in the future.  Since we have been open a few weeks, we can now look at what is selling and what isn't, and start to focus more of what our customers want by what they are buying and not necessarily what they are requesting.  We are having a great time in class and the kids are making smart business decisions.  We will also hear presentations from Emily Owen and Taylor Miller.  Thanks!

Teacher Shannon + Teacher Becky

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