Sunday, October 16, 2016

Newspaper coming

The kids learned a valuable lesson last week - you have to have people to have sales! We did half the business as last week since so many were gone on the field trip.  They still did well though!

In the morning we learned a little about Parliamentary Procedure and have been using or in our board meetings at the end of class (though we hardly have time for them!). They are learning why the rules are important and how they bring order to meetings.

Next week the school newspaper, FILA Times will come out. The cost is $.25 and will feature upcoming events, new family spotlight, and a comic strip to name a few. The kids are working hard and we really appreciate all that they bring to class.
Teacher Shannon + Teacher Laura H

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Store Opening!

We had a successful opening week with the store.  The kids were excited to get it all up and running.  I think the experience was different for all of them and they now have a new appreciation for having a job and keeping customers happy!

They have all sorts of ideas for improving the customer experience so keep an eye out for things to change and hopefully run more smoothly.  We are grateful to all of you who came and supported us.  We will have more salads tomorrow, those were a HUGE hit.

The school newspaper will also come out next week so bring your quarters and pick up a copy!

Teacher Shannon + Teacher Laura H

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 2 - Elections!!

What a fantastic group of kids we have!  We had class elections today and here are the results:
     President: Ammon Miller
     Treasurer: Elsa Poyer
     Marketing Director:  Madeline Blanchard
     Human Resources Director:  Vivian Poyer
     Vice President:  Mariah Holden
     Secretary:  Jonathan Kloepfel

The elections were great.  It took a lot of guts for them all to get up and make their speeches so congratulations all for rising to the challenge. They all had wonderful speeches and I took notes of their campaign promises so that we can check up on them as we go along.  They planned what items they will sell, created a schedule for working the store, and made signage.  They are all doing well in their new positions and all are bursting with ideas.  From now on Madeline, our marketing director will be responsible for these blog posts and store updates!

We also planned the school paper.  We will publish it once a month and it will come out on the third Thursday.  You will see some of our old favorite columns return and a few new and fun things added.

Thanks for supporting their efforts.  The store will open next week and they are ready!

Teacher Shannon and Teacher Laura H

Friday, April 15, 2016

Big week!

CCS had a fantastic day this week, our biggest sales day yet!!!!!   We want to thank all of our wonderful customers who were patient with us as we tried to move everyone through the line. It got a little crazy with pizza and regular sales at the same time. The pizza was a hit, but so were salads, I think we will do those again.  We also want to let everyone know that May 5th will be our last sales day.  We want to have the 12th to debrief the semester and figure out how much money everyone made, and then the 19th is field day.  We will continue to have most things, but as things run out they may not be replenished.  We had a fantastic discussion in class about the status of our business, and the kids are learning so much about how to run things, all of it based on their own experiences and observations.  We have some very talented kids with a great head for business.  Thanks to all of you parents who encourage them in this endeavor.

Teacher Shannon + Teacher Becky

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Another great week!

We had a fun time last week discussing the pizza feed and debriefing some of the problems of  running a business.  We talked a lot about the importance of good record keeping.  The kids have noticed that it is definitely hard to keep track of what is being sold when we are busy.  We had 2 inspiring presentations about 2 more young entrepreneurs.  The kids came up with the idea of offering breakfast foods at the store on pajama day, what a great idea!!!  We will have milk and cereal, granola bars, and a few other breakfast things available for purchase.  Thanks again for supporting these budding business owners, they are doing great!!!
Teacher Shannon + Teacher Becky

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pizza Feed a success!

The pizza feed was a big hit, thanks to all who supported it!  We spent class time last week talking about ways that we can improve our store, and what products that we want to add, and the importance of good customer service! We also introduced the kids to the class spreadsheets and how they work.  Next week we will discuss the results of our pizza project, and start to look over our data from the last few weeks and make some important business decisions about the direction of our store in the future.  Since we have been open a few weeks, we can now look at what is selling and what isn't, and start to focus more of what our customers want by what they are buying and not necessarily what they are requesting.  We are having a great time in class and the kids are making smart business decisions.  We will also hear presentations from Emily Owen and Taylor Miller.  Thanks!

Teacher Shannon + Teacher Becky

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bigger and better this week!!!

Wow, what a great second week we had!  We had a very productive time in class discussing how things went last week,  what we wanted to change and do better, and priced our new items.  We expanded our inventory this week and it was a big hit!  We listened to what you wanted and the sales were a reflection.  The store did $54.25 today.  Next week we will take a look at our sales and see what sells and what doesn't, and calculate our true profits.  We will also be doing our pizza day next week, which we took orders for today.  We will be purchasing Little Caesars pizza, and charging a delivery fee to bring them to the school for you.  If you purchase a pizza, you may also purchase up to 4 drinks at a discounted price.  Thank you everyone for supporting the kids, they are having a great time learning the ins and outs of running a business.  We look forward to doing business again.

Teacher Becky + Teacher Shannon