Friday, April 15, 2016

Big week!

CCS had a fantastic day this week, our biggest sales day yet!!!!!   We want to thank all of our wonderful customers who were patient with us as we tried to move everyone through the line. It got a little crazy with pizza and regular sales at the same time. The pizza was a hit, but so were salads, I think we will do those again.  We also want to let everyone know that May 5th will be our last sales day.  We want to have the 12th to debrief the semester and figure out how much money everyone made, and then the 19th is field day.  We will continue to have most things, but as things run out they may not be replenished.  We had a fantastic discussion in class about the status of our business, and the kids are learning so much about how to run things, all of it based on their own experiences and observations.  We have some very talented kids with a great head for business.  Thanks to all of you parents who encourage them in this endeavor.

Teacher Shannon + Teacher Becky

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