Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 2 - Elections!!

What a fantastic group of kids we have!  We had class elections today and here are the results:
     President: Ammon Miller
     Treasurer: Elsa Poyer
     Marketing Director:  Madeline Blanchard
     Human Resources Director:  Vivian Poyer
     Vice President:  Mariah Holden
     Secretary:  Jonathan Kloepfel

The elections were great.  It took a lot of guts for them all to get up and make their speeches so congratulations all for rising to the challenge. They all had wonderful speeches and I took notes of their campaign promises so that we can check up on them as we go along.  They planned what items they will sell, created a schedule for working the store, and made signage.  They are all doing well in their new positions and all are bursting with ideas.  From now on Madeline, our marketing director will be responsible for these blog posts and store updates!

We also planned the school paper.  We will publish it once a month and it will come out on the third Thursday.  You will see some of our old favorite columns return and a few new and fun things added.

Thanks for supporting their efforts.  The store will open next week and they are ready!

Teacher Shannon and Teacher Laura H

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