Thursday, February 4, 2016

Greetings to all future business leaders!!!  We and such an exciting class today, and we also want to say thank you so much to all of our students, nearly all of them came prepared with a name to discuss for their presentation.  Thanks also to parents for helping out with that.  We have put together a schedule for the presentations that I will put at the end of this post.  We talked today about what brand recognition is, logos, and ad campaigns.  Next week we will make the final decision as to what our business will be.  The kids are supposed to continue to think about what they would like to do to make money, and maybe conduct a family focus group to get some different ideas and perspectives.    The kids are fired up about this class, when we asked why they were taking it, almost all of them responded "to make money"!  Keep those creative juices flowing and let's start a business!!

Teacher Becky and Teacher Shannon H

2.11. - Ammon Miller - Willow Tufano
2.18 - Daniel Gardner - Elise MacMillan
2.25 - Amy Ellis - Cameron Johnson
3.3 - Emily Owen -  Leanna Archer
3.10 - Taylor Miller - Garrett Gee
3.17 - Mollie Quiton - Madison Robinson
3.24 - Jon Kloepfel - Robert Nay
3.31 - JJ Gardner - Jack Kim
4.14 - Jason Lettner - Andrew Gower
4.21 - Aiyanna Ellis - Lizzie Marie Likeness
4.28 - Elliot Hellyer - Jaden + Maya Wheeler
5.5 - Sabrina Claridge - Juilanne Goldmark + Emily Matson

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