Monday, February 22, 2016


Our first week was a huge success!!!  Our store was busy all of lunch, and I'm pleased to announce that we made $35!!  Next week we will add a few more products to our line up, and we are happy to continue to take requests and suggestions.  Before we opened for business, the kids learned how to find the unit price of their items, and then they helped to set the prices of their products.  This week, we will discuss our first week's results, plan our expansion, and discuss a few other areas of running a business.  The students did a fantastic job at the store. They were polite, courteous, and helpful when they had customers.  They did a great job adding up sales and telling people what they owe, and making change.  Please congratulate your student of their success, and plan to support them again next week.  Great work everyone!! Also, because we were busy getting ready for the store opening, we didn't get to our presentations, so we will try and have two this week.  Thanks!

Teacher Becky + Teacher Shannon

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